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Professional Conditions

The college athletic facilities are state of the art and can be compared to German second Bundesliga clubs: Stadiums with up to 40 000 seats, a big training area with properly maintained pitches, best medical care at the own rehabilitation centre, travelling on away games with modern busses, sometimes even by plane and overnight stays at hotels. All conditions are established to optimize your performance as a student athlete.

The coaching staff is full-time employed and well qualified. Additionally, you will have fitness- and nutrition coaches, physiotherapists and medical staff for the student athletes. Since the strain for the student athletes is extremely high, especially during the season, there is a learning agreement with the professors, who are willing to give you longer deadlines or extra course work to academically stay on track. Your whole environment intents to make sure that you fully live up to your potential, on and off the field.



Studying in the US on a soccer scholarship offers you two great advantages: Firstly, the very professional setting helps you to develop further as a soccer player - maybe even up until a MLS pro contract. Secondly, the academic quality at the colleges is excellent due to the teacher student ratio of 1:20. Following graduation, you are able to apply to post-graduate studies in Europe as well as to request a credit transfer towards higher education, for instance medical school in Germany. Furthermore you can use the soccer scholarship in the US to finance your master program.


A US college campus displays everything that you know from American movies: Just like in a vibrant small-scaled city, everything you can wish for is implemented on campus and therefore within walking distance: libraries, gyms, cafés, restaurants, bars, cinemas, swimming pools and much more. Vast offers for recreational activities sum up the great options you have in your daily routine; crossfit, bouldering, tennis or even surfing as well as theater or engaging in your college radio/tv station. 

You will reside in modern student dorms. They have lounges, study rooms and sometimes swimming pools implemented, which will give you the opportunity to relax, play FIFA, table tennis or have a little pool party with your colleagues. Team spirit is not only of importance on the pitch: due to the typical American community spirit, it will be easy for you to get connected on campus, find friends and fully dive into the American culture.

Path to Pro | MLS & USL

We offer you the alternative career path. We are specialized in high quality players who just barely miss the leap into professional football in the top three leagues in Germany. We not only accompany you during your studies, but also beyond. Our goal is to get you into the MLS or the USL Championship.

To get there we will promote you in order to play for a summer program during off-season in summer. You'll get the chance to play in the USL League Two, the highest amateur league in the US. You will compete with the best college players of the country and will have the opportunity to play against the reserve teams of some MLS-Clubs. Summer programs are the perfect platform for you, in order to show your skills in front of a bigger audience and might open up the door to professional soccer in the US.

Path to Pro